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Last updated : 25/01/2022

Infrastructure Division – Organisational Chart


  • Develop a fishing community that is advanced, diligent and progressive in tandem with the nation’s development and to create a modern fishing industry.
  • Process LKIM Complex’s monthly report within one week after the report is received from the Complex’s Management.
  • Manage the LKIM/PPI Complex Management remittance every six months, which is in January and June of each year upon the receipt of comprehensive planning from the complex’s managers.
  • Results for application for development activities, operations and maintenance / Maintenance of Complex/PPI will be given within one month, provided the information submitted is complete.
  • Provide allocation approval warrant within one week upon approval of the application.
  • Prepare payment instructions to the Finance & Accounts Division within one week after the receipt of the invoice/claims payment from the contractor/supplier provided all documents are complete.
  • Submit the Infrastructure Development Division annual report ending on 31 December each year to the Corporate Planning Division before 15 January of the following year.
  • Issue fixed asset verification report to the Division of Human Resources & Administration each year before 31 January of the following year.
  • Furnish Asset Disposal Report within one (1) month to be included in the Asset Disposal Committee.
  • All correspondence will be attended to within three (3) working days upon its receipt.