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Infrastructure Division

Last updated : 25/01/2022

  • Provide integrated and modern landing infrastructure facilities for a centralised fish landing.
  • Establish efficient management and marketing systems to support the development of the fishing industry.
A. Tasks of Complex/PPI Management Section

  • Oversee preparation tasks and improvement of SOPs.
  • Identify training requirements and guidance for the management of the complex/PPI.
  • Responsible for management tasks and EU Regulatory Landing facilities.
  • Oversee and be responsible in matters of the complex/PPI Infrastructure Security.
  • Coordinate the needs of personnel/staff at the Port/Complex/PPI.
  • Oversee the allocation of money in managing the complex/PPI.
  • Oversee and be responsible in matters of agreement (safety & hygiene), acquisition and leasing of the Complex/PPI.
  • Coordinate related complex assets affairs.
  • Oversee information, records and data for the port/complex/PPI/private jetty.
  • Prepare quarterly and annual reports for the Complex Management Section/PPI.
  • Responsible for the issues and problems at the Port/Complex/ PPI.
  • Coordinating and be responsible on the Development Committee of the complex/Work/Management Complex (Secretariat).
  • Oversee matters related to LKIM Complex debtors.


B. Tasks of Infrastructure Section

  • Plan and build Ports/Fish Landing Complex/LKIM’s Fish Inspection through government allocation approved in the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP).
  • Plan and build Ports and LKIM’s Fish Landing Complex through PFI privatisation projects.
  • Review and analyse positions of problematic river confluences for implementation of dredging works based on the BPSP financing allocations.
  • Prepare and oversee the allocations for constructions of LKIM’s Port/Fish Landing Complex/Fish Inspection Complex are sufficient to ensure that the project is progressing as scheduled.
  • Review and analyse the application of the proposed port construction/Fish Landing Complex/LKIM’s Fish Inspection Complex and provide allocation application paperwork to the Ministry for the implementation of the project.
  • Review and determine upgrading and maintenance works of the Port/Fish Landing Complex/LKIM’s Fish Inspection Complex are carried out according to the allocations as approved in the 9MP in particular in the works scope of maintenance of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.
  • Monitor and ensure all facilities in terms of equipment and machinery are maintained to always be in good condition for the use of the target groups.
  • Ensure the implementation of upgrading and maintenance works to meet the needs and standards of the European Union (EU) can be implemented in all LKIM’s Fish Landing Complex and jetties.
  • Review and revise allocation application paperwork and improvement works for the approval of the Board of LKIM.
  • Review and determine the newly implemented construction of LKIM’s jetties are according to priority and approved allocations in the 9MP.
  • Monitor and ensure all LKIM jetties that have been built to always be maintained in good condition for use by small-scale and traditional fishermen.
  • Review and revise paperwork for allocation application of construction and maintenance works of jetties for the approval of the Board of LKIM.
  • Ensure and monitor all the allocations of the 9MP that were planned and set for the current year are spent as scheduled.
  • Ensure and monitor the physical progress of all the 9MP projects that have been approved are implemented as scheduled.
  • Review of project monitoring reports for the purpose of inspection, evaluation or specific analysis in terms of performance as well as the physical progress of the project expenses.


Contact Us:
Infrastructure Division,
Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia,
Level 2, Wisma LKIM, Jalan Desaria,
Pulau Meranti, 47120 Puchong,
Tel : 03-80649000
Fax : 03-80603301

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